Monday, May 17, 2010

The amazing trip more thouroghlly part 6

We were surfing all the way home paddling since there was no waves. Then, Alex felt like they forgot something and we did.We couldn't find K9;"we must have forgot him back there."said Anthony.Then, we called his name and he was all the way in front of us.So, we paddled faster and we finally made it to our beach house. Finally, our vacation was over and we to do some work. So............................ THE END.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The amazing trip more thouroghlly part 5

K9 got in the way of the hedgehog and bit it. We would have died again if it wasn't for K9. Anyways when we were traveling in the desert we found two other people here running out of the desert. We got scared and then we saw a huge sand storm coming right at us, so we ran all the way to the sharp rocks and got out of here. TO BE CONTINUED.........

The amazing trip more thouroghlly part 4

We were finally in Africa. We were walking through the jungle,and we found different kinds of animals. We saw a alligators,monkeys,crocodiles,and snakes. We also found an amazing plant.But then we lost K9 in the jungle. By the afternoon Anthony found him fighting a desert hedgehog. The hedgehog saw us and alomost attack us. To be continued.......

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Amazing Trip More Througlly part 3

It was pretty quiet when we got on the plane. we got bored along the way,so we fell asleep.when we woke up, the plane was still flying over the ocean.Then all of the sudden,we heard a boom at the back of the plane. The engine broke ,but it kept on going. Everybody got scared and the plane fell into the ocean. When we fell into the ocean we were trying to find K9, and he was on two surfboards. Then when we got on the surfboards and all of the sudden the explosion made a tidal wave at us, so we surf the wave to Africa for 4 hours and then sharp rocks at the side of Africa, and we fell to the rocks and..................................................we survived.To Be Continued......

The Amazing Trip More Througlly part 2

We were late to the LA airport,so we had to drive really fast. Then the police saw us exeeding the speed limit and they stopped us. We said we were late for our flight,but they said,"We need to see your ID to let you leave". We showed it to them and they said,"You may go now". We left and then got there right on time.K9 was still on the plane;we found our seats and the plane took off.To be continued...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Amazing Trip more thouroghlly part 1

One day Anthony,Alex,and K9 lived in Los Angeles,California in their beachhouse.
They were planning for weeks of vacation.We thought about going to diffrerent places all over the world, and we picked Africa.After that, when they were packing up,K9 wanted to come with us to Africa.The boys said okay,and now they were trying to pick a place in Africa.They thought "Hey lets make K9 pick." and K9 picked the Sahara Desert.To be continued...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The amazing trip

One day in our beach house in Los Angeles we (Anthony,Alex,and our dog called K9) wanted to go to Africa's Sahara desert.We went to the airport,and got in the airplane.Then,all of the sudden........the airplane exploded because of the engine.After that,a tidal wave came at us.So,we got our surfboAdd Imageards,and surfed the tidal wave to Africa.We almost died by the rocks next to Africa.We survived the rocks and explored Africa,then K9 gets lost and we find him at the Sahara desert.We didn't know how K9 found it,but it was an amazing sight to see.We saw many wild life for example the desert hedgehog.Afterwords a hyena came right at us trying to attack us,but K9 came right at it and bit him.We were so lucky to have a dog like K9.Finally,we surfed all the way back home from Africa to U.S.A,California.